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I was born to chase tornadoes, just as some people are born to sing or become doctors. I've always been drawn to the storm, wanting to understand it, watch it and feel it. Standing in the wind of a passing supercell is where I truly come alive. By following my passion, I hope to inspire others to live their dream and reach for the sky.

My work has been featured on National Geographic Television, The Weather Channel, ABC, CBS, FOX, WE TV "Twister Sisters", Outside Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Weatherwise, and Restless Skies. I am also the official photographer for the tornado used on the Movie Cover & Poster for 13 Minutes, released in theaters on October 29th, 2021.

I have recently partnered with Girls Who Chase (GWC), founded by Jennifer Walton. GWC is an initiative to elevate the content and voices of female & female-identified storm chasers. The mission is to empower and inspire girls & women to pursue the sciences, weather, and their passions.

Visit me on Social Media for current projects and chases! Find me on Foundation & Open Sea for current NFT sales. 

Contact me for info about media licensing and private storm tour options.

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