Chasing my dreams into the heart of the storm.

Melanie Metz

I have had a passion for weather, tornadoes and photography since I can remember!  I started dreaming about tornadoes when I was 6 years old living in Tucson, AZ....and I haven't stopped! I finally realized my dreams and passions as an adult, after college, and have been chasing ever since, over 20 years now! I earned my B.S. degree in Chemistry & Biomedical science with additional studies in Meteorology & Photography. I've worked over the years as a Professional Photographer, Storm Chaser for FOX 9 News, Chemist, Corporate Training Manager, Adult Foster Care Provider, and Massage Therapist. 

For many years I chased storms with my chase partner, Peggy Willenberg. We were known as the "Twister Sisters" by many and even had a reality TV Show on the WE Channel in 2008 called "The Twister Sisters".  Peggy is now living in South Carolina and no longer actively chasing, so I'm on my own now! We are still friends and hope to get in a few more chases together in the coming years. I also chase with a few good friends at times as well. 


I currently live in Champlin, MN with my 3 dachshunds and my husband. In addition to documenting weather, shooting pics, and running my massage practice, I’m always attending workshops and classes to learn as much I can about all the things I love!


I believe life is about following your passion, sharing love, and enjoying the adventure of each day.

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